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30 aug 2011binnenkort is het weer van dat! Geen erg, Frank brengt op de valreep nog een gevarieerde zomerse playlist mee om het nog even te vergeten. Zo hoor je o.a. Symphony X, Tank86, Nightranger, the Head Cat en Lemmy. Check de playlist.

Back To School Mental

1 Lemmy - Enter Sandman - A Tribute To The Black Album

2 Long Distance Calling - Into The Black Wide Open - Long Distance Calling
3 Scale The Summit - Whales - The Collective
4 Tank86 - Axe - Rise

5 Satan's Host - Black Hilted Knife - By The Hands Of The Devil
6 Sinister Realm - With Swords Held High - The Crystal Eye

7 Nightranger - Lay It On Me - Somewhere In California
8 King Kobra - Tear Down The Walls - KK
9 Sixx A M - Oh My God - This Is Gonna Hurt

10 Queensryche - Get Started - Dedicted To Chaos
11 Symphony X - Heretic - Iconoclast
12 Adrenaline Mob - Psychosane - EP

13 The Head Cat - Bad Boy - Walk The Walk Talk The Talk


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