Metal Zone Geert in Mental voor zijn beste 2010 platen

13 jan 2011Geert van de Metal zone in aalst brengt ons zijn favoriete platen van 2010, zo hoor je o.a. triptykon, grand magus en motörhead. check de playlist.

geert metal zone aalst best of 2010

Tryptikon - abyss within my soul - eparistera daimones
Stone sour- home again - audio secrecy
Nevermore - and the maiden spoke - the obsidian conspiracy
Grand magus - hammer of the north - Hammer Of The North
Overkill - the green and black - ironbound
Darkthrone - I am the graves of the '80s - circle the wagons
Enslaved - ethica-odini - axioma ethica-odini
Accrassicauda - Message From Baghdad - Only The dead see the end of the war
Sardonis - It Walks The Mountain - sardonis
Danko Jones - I Wanna break up with you - below the belt
Motörhead - outlaw - the world is yours
Triptykon - Dethroned Emperor live @ roadburn (feat. Nocturno Cult) - Shatter EP
dio - naked in the rain - 1987 live


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